Pump Accessories

Pompes Monette sells a wide range of accessories for water pumps (submersible pumps and sewage pumps) at L’Ange-Gardien.

A wide variety of water pump accessories

We offer a wide variety of accessories to optimize and improve the performance and functionality of your water pumps. Our technicians are at your disposal and give you detailed information concerning the available accessories. You will have no difficulty choosing the product you need. From cables, cooling jackets to valves, we have a wide selection. Our products are strong, resistant, durable and affordable

Our products are strong, durable and affordable.

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Pump accessories for all budgets

Are you looking for a specific accessory for submersible pumps or sewage pumps? Tell us about the features of the product you want to acquire. We offer various models according to your financial means. We respond to the requests of individuals and businesses from Mont-Laurier (Laurentians), Rigaud (Montérégie) and the entire Outaouais region.

Without further delay, make an advantageous investment. Buy quality water pump accessories from us.

Invest in a practical pumping system

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Why buy your water pump accessories with Pompes Monette?

Practical advice from qualified technicians
High-quality of service
Large inventory of items

For any purchase of accessories for water pumps, visit our premises.